Thursday, March 22, 2012

Battle At Egypt

It looked to be like there was no hope for us to be alive anymore but Survivor Theta found some Slenderglyphs in the dungein that said that way many longs of time ago the Sphinx was alive and was a terror of Egypt slenderman wwanted to be the real terror of Egypt so he cut off the Sphinxs nose tamed it and told it to stand really real still everyone thought it was a stattue. turns out at the moment slenderman put the nose back on the Sphinx and rode it as a battleSphinx to attack //it//s castle. The battleSphinx destroyed lots of the castle we escaped in the confused people by it. //it// used the magic Staff Of Cairo to shoot a light beam that destroyed the Sphinx but Slenderman droopped down and had a battle with //it//. But //it// blasted Slenderman with the Staff of Cairo so many times slenderman was going to die but then The Rake rose out of the sand and tackeled the Staff of Cairo away from //it// and broke it released so much megamegapower that The Rake was thrown back into Einsteins relative theory shooting him at light speed through the spacetime continium. now //it// had no power against slenderman slenderman stabbed him with a spike from a slemndertentacle mortally killing him. Meanwhile the Rake had sent an army of sand mummies before he got died and now they had invaded the //it//castle and they fighted with all the //it//proxies the //it//proxies had surrounded us. but Survivor Epsilon blew up the pyramids with simtex bombs he hid under them the bricks went flying everywhere killing mostly all the sand mummies and //it//Proxies but commander //it//Proxie Khufu had suervived and he grabbed Survivor Alpha to choop him up and kill him for good but Uggu The Caveproxie tackled Khufu and they fought Uggu won he smashed in  Khufus head with a single whomp of his bigclub thats one big whomp. Now we are facing down with the Slenderman but he just teleported away we have to chase after him in the time machine now were going to the Pirate Times maybe thats where he was

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